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The latin community

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This community is for people who have a love of Latin and Roman culture.

Feel free to post questions about your homework. However, if you are going to do that, please post what you have so far. We are not going to do your homework for you.
(addendum: If you post your homework more than 3 times WITHOUT including what you have so far, you will be banned from posting. Reach an administrator for appeals.)

If you do not know latin, it is fine to ask how to translate something in either english to latin or latin to english. However, please state that you do not know latin. That way we do not think that you are trying to get us to do your homework.

Also, if you are thinking about asking us how to translate something for a tattoo, please read the Tattoo FAQ first.

Latin Day is June 22nd, (thus the birthday thing)

If you are a speaker of Russian, you may find the community ru_lingualatina more helpful.



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