iggy_maravich (iggy_maravich) wrote in latin,

I do NOT know latin but would like some help

Hi Everyone!
I know that translations in to latin get tricky because of language differences and what makes sense in English may not translate well in to Latin word for word.

My grandfather's dying words were: "What we must is not always what we want." He realized that nothing else could be done as he awaited his last moments. Everything else had been done.
This is to put it in to context.

I received one translation that reads: Facienda non semper placent.

Is this a good translation?
I know you advise against latin tattoos which have been translated from another language and that is exactly why I am asking for HELP. Would it make sense?

Is there a way immortalize my grandfathers' dying words in to Latin?

Thank You Everyone for taking the time to look in to this.
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