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Latin Sentences

Can you please help me/correct me?

1) They didn't hurry because they were playing on the street for a long time.
Non festinaverunt quod in via diu luserunt.

2) When, finally, they arrived at the field, 'Horatia' started calling for her father.
Ubi, tandem, in agrum intraverunt, Horatia patrem vocavit.

3) 'Horatia' warned her brother: "Don't wake up father!"
Horatia fratrem monuit 'Patrem non excitare!".

4) But he woke up and greeted the boys.
Sed evigilavit et pueros salutavit.

5) The boys stayed on the field for a long time. Finally, 'Quintus' took his sister to home.
Pueri in agro diu manserunt. Tandem, Quintus sororem in casam reduxit.

P.S: Vocabulary-Wise it's okay. We used the latin expressions proposed. I just need to know what is wrong like with cases and structure. But the words to use are those. Thanks.
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