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Locative Case

Hello , I'm Anna and I'm from Portugal. I'm in my second semester (first year) of university and i just have latin. I love it really much. But I do have some doubts regarding this locative subject. I have some sentences to translate into Latin, using the locative case (they were in portuguese but I'll translate them into english) if someone can help me. Thanks , in advance *

Quintus and Flaccus are in Roma. - Quintus et Flaccus Romae sunt.

Cornelia and Julio are in Corinthus. - Cornelia et Julius Corinthi sunt.

They lived in Cuma. - Cumarum habitabant.

In Capua there are lots of houses. - Capuae multas aedes habet.

The city of Troia had a lot of templos. - Oppidum Troia multa templa habebat.

Is it something like this? :|
Tags: latin, locative case
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