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Scansion Help.


So this semester, while my fifth semester of Latin, is my first time dealing with Poetry. We are focusing on Translating Book II of the Aeneid. 

Every night, when I am dong homework, I end up staring blankly at the pages, trying to figure out how to scan it. 

I normally just wait til I can ask in class for help with certain lines, but I have a test next class so that is not an option. So ANY help with scansion would be amazing!

Here are the lines that are giving me trouble.  These are all Book II

D= Dactyl; S=Spondee; ...=Elision

Line 182: improvisi aderunt. Ita digerit omnia Calchas. 

My Attempt: Impro | vi si...ad | erunt | Ita | Digerit | omnia | Calchas. So it would be: S S S S D D S

But as you can see, that's seven.... but I can't figure out where I am wrong.     

Line 187 and Line 193, I think I might get it, but I need to know. Is Moenia, 4 syllables: Mo E Ni A, or 3: Moe Ni A. Cause I am taking it as four, but I think it's only three and that's messing up my meter. (if that is not the case then something else is messing it up, and I'll post the lines. But I think it's that.)

And finally

Line 197: Quos neque Tydides Ned Larisaeus Achilles.

My attempt: Quos neque | Ty | dides | nec La | ri sa| eus A| chilles. So it would be: D Random Syllable S S S D S
Though, I think this line might be Spondaic? Cause the A being long by position, however, it's a Greek name, so I think that rule may not apply...


This stuff kills me

Help is much appreciated!!!
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