Lady Summerisle (strange_complex) wrote in latin,
Lady Summerisle

In shambles we ride

Greetings, fellow Latinists! A friend has asked me to help translate a cycling club motto into Latin, so that they can put it on their jerseys. The motto is 'in shambles we ride', so I've had a browse though various options for suitable vocabulary, and came up with the following options:

Shambles - congeries, congeria, confusio, conturbatio, consternatio

Ride - eo, veho, curro

On that basis, the best translation I could come up with was something like 'confusione curramus', on the basis that it has alliteration, and that the word 'confusio' (though not 'curro') is recognisable to people who don't know Latin.

But I thought I'd run it past the group before anyone starts ordering jerseys with the motto on them! Does anyone have any better thoughts, or have I made any elementary grammatical errors thanks to general rustiness?


ETA: - actually, currere is second conjugation, isn't it - so do I want confusione curremus? Told you I was rusty!
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