w_ockham (w_ockham) wrote in latin,

Aquinas' commentary on Book VII of Aristotle's Metaphysics

Thomas Aquinas's commentary on Book VII of Aristotle's Metaphysics now out in the Logic Museum.  As always, in parallel Latin English so you can see it exactly as Thomas was writing it. And as with all the commentaries in the Logic Museum, it is closely linked to Aristotle's text, via Bekker numbers, chapters and incipits. 

The Aristotle is in William of Moerbeck's Latin translation from the Greek, in parallel with Ross's English translation from the Greek. The text also includes links to Averroes' commentary on the Metaphysics, in the Latin translated from the Arabic (from an edition published in Venice in 1562).  Thus you can compare a version that was translated from Greek into Syriac, from Syriac to Arabic, from Arabic into Latin, with the one by William which was translated directly from the Greek (and which was close to a version we think that Thomas used).

It is also links to a 14th century manuscript of William's translation.  From which my avatar is taken - it reads 'Ens dicitur multipliciter' - loosely  'the word 'being' has many senses'.

Book VII is at the heart of the Metaphysics. It is very difficult to understand. Thomas's commentary is usually very clear, and helps a bit. (Not much, to be honest).

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