Chrysologus (chrysologus400) wrote in latin,

Hymnus in honorem passionis Eulaliae

I read this hymn by Prudentius two years ago in a class but now find myself unable to translate the first sentence (five lines) by myself. Here is the text:

Germine nobilis Eulalia

mortis et indole nobilior

Emeritam sacra uirgo suam,

cuius ab ubere progenita est,

ossibus ornat, amore colit. (

I do not understand what "emeritam suam" is. I am assuming it is also the antecedent of "cuius." So here's my translation with "emeritam" left untranslated:

The holy virgin Eulalia, noble by birth,

yet nobler still by the character of her death,

who with her bones decorates her emerita,

from whose breast she was born,

and with her love adorns.


Tags: eulalia, peristephanon, poetry, prudentius
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