Dancing with Jackals (gethenian) wrote in latin,
Dancing with Jackals

Help translating a latin motto


My wife and I are founding a micronation. We have been trying to translate our intended motto into Latin and wondered if you fine folks could give us a hand.

Our motto, in English, is
[to] see the world in a deeper shade of green

...this being basically an intended equivalent of "to see the world through rose-colored glasses" but meaning "to live more fully" rather than "to have an irrationally positive attitude."

The Latin we've worked out, given my wife is an English major but neither of us have taken it since 9th grade (and I failed the class so massively it's... really just funny) is:

gerere mundum [ceu/tamquam] [atrius/magnius] colorem viridantis

Can anyone confirm whether any of this is correct or help us translate this phrase?

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