russ (goulo) wrote in latin,

"Magnum Sal" - why not "Magnus Sal"?

There is a very old salt mine in Wieliczka (near Cracow, PL) that is traditionally called "Magnum Sal" (often translated in Polish as "Wielka Sól" = "big salt").

My understanding is that "sal" is masculine, so I'd expect "Magnus Sal". Does anyone know why it would/should be "Magnum Sal"?

Am I confused about the Latin grammar here?
Is "Magnum Sal" simply incorrect and became entrenched in tradition?
Is it a corrupted version of a longer phrase (e.g. magnum metallum salis = big mine of salt) or something?

Google gives 5000+ hits searching for "Magnum Sal" Wieliczka
and only 14 hits searching for "Magnus Sal" Wieliczka
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