va-GINA-l discharge. (psychoticloser) wrote in latin,

Hi There =) Latin Help Needed!

Hello there!  My friend asked me for help in making sure this is correct in Latin:

It is suppose to say in English:

I set afire this magical material and it increases in unshaken power exceedingly high.

Here is his attempt in Latin:

Inflammitio ego magus materia et inconcussus praecelsus potestas.

I know there are errors in that Latin, but I haven't had a Latin class in more than 4 years.   Sadly, I have forgotten more than I thought I did in that span of time.  I really don't have time to dig up and look over my old notes to refresh my memory, and I'm sure this would be a piece of cake to anyone who is actively studying Latin! Thank you so much in advance for anyone's help!


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